Welcome to Miami Gardens

The city of Miami Gardens was incorporated on May 13th, 2003 and is home to a re-developing community as well as the home of the stadium where the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League play.

The re-development of Miami Gardens has been needed for quite a long time. In 2007, Mayor Shirley Gibson said that the city would no longer allow any low income housing developments mostly due to the city’s high crime rate and drug trafficking. This also contributed to the city having the 3rd lowest taxes in Miami Dade County.

Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) were proposed in 2012 by Mayor Olive Gilbert, the 2nd mayor in the history of the city. Funded by property tax increases, CRAs are formed to remove what is considered to be “slum” and/or “blight in a community and also aims to improve the physical environment of a city and also used to combat the social and economic problems typical of slum areas.

Reports and studies indicate that Miami Gardens crime statistics have decreased in the past 7 years which has helped usher in new residents and expedite the re-development of Miami Gardens. At one time, Miami Garden’s city violent crime rate was 138.67% higher than the national violent crime rate and the city property crime rate was 66.98% higher than the national property crime rate, both alarming numbers that deteriorated the community as well as the city appeal.

Back in 2011, Miami Garden’s city violent crime rate was higher than the violent crime rate in the state of Florida by a number of 77.64%, which is a vast difference. Miami Gardens property crime rate was 38.05% higher.

According to the Miami Gardens city website, the city is described today as:

Miami Gardens is a solid, working and middle class community of unique diversity. It is the largest predominantly African-American municipality in the State of Florida and boasts many Caribbean residents.

Population: 105,414 (2004 estimate)
African-American: 79%
Hispanic: 16%
Anglo: 4%
Note: Multiple categories preclude 100% total.
Households: 29,262

There is also a robust city projection plan that will give people a snapshot of where the city is projected to be over the next several years. This is a mass and involved re-development project that has been slowly working towards success. Read the documented plan here

The city is hoping to attract more businesses to the area to help stimulate growth and attract residents that can help lower the crime rate and raise the prestige and reputation of the Miami Gardens community.